Just wanted to send you a quick note on
(Jeffery) – we named him Fletcher.  HE IS
AMAZING!  Feel free to put this up on
your website as a testimonial.  You were
extremely responsive via email and
phone and were a pleasure to deal with.  
Fletcher is happy, healthy, and an
absolute joy.  We couldn’t have asked for
a better dog.  He is smart, well behaved,
and easy to train.  Thank you for


HI Bonnie!  Thank you so much again for
Theodore.  He is more wonderful than I ever
could have imagined.  He instantly become
the love of my childrens' lives as well as my
husband and my own.  He is so spunky,
self-important, loving, and compassionate
all at the same time. I don't think I could
have picked a finer name for him!  I know
he misses his brothers and sisters very
much, but he and my min-pin get along
great!  He is doing a great job transitioning
to a raw diet.  He loves chicken! His stools
are still pretty firm, which is a good sign.  
His next vet appointment is next
Wednesday...I will let you know what he
weighs and what the vet thinks of him!  I
hope you enjoy the son Cody
claims Theo as his own! Theodore also
loves sleeping under the couch!  Well,
again, it was a pleasure to finally meet you.  
Again, thank you so much for letting me be
a part of his entire experience!


Hi Jennifer,

Did Molly make it alright?

Yes, and oh my gosh, she is
precious.  She has such a wonderful
personality!  I  can tell you are a good
breeder.  She is so healthy and
social and wonderful!  She is very
happy and doing great with potty
training and getting along great with
Meadow.  I love her personality and
she is beautiful.  Thank you so much!  
I will recommend you to anyone
looking for a breeder.

I am so glad that Monica found a home and I have many
friends that have met Muggan and are considering getting a
an excellent, and trustworthy breeder, so if the time comes, I
will give them your information.  I will send you more
updates as they come and more pictures as well. Talk to
you soon!


Ms. Bonnie,

I wanted to share this adoreable picture of Blossom, now
renamed "Muggan" by my dad who says she's always
"Muggan for the camera!" Olivia is my middle name, so
that's where that came from. Anyway, I took this picture this
morning when she was ON MY PILLOW. So cute!! I will send
you some more pictures as she gets older so you can put
one up of her on your website.  She's almost potty trained
and getting more precious every day.  She is so playful and
she loves to CHEW EVERYTHING.  I'm teaching her what
she can and can't chew though.  Anyway, she is doing well.  
I saw the new puppies on your website....really cute!!

Hi Bonnie:  

Here are a couple of pics of our little guy
“Dudley – born 8/21/07 aka Buster”.   He is
quite the character.  He has been so much
fun!  There is one with one of his favorite
pastimes.  He loves to pull on the hem of your
pants….in this case trying to crawl up them.  
We get comments all the time on what a
handsome dog he is and he has such a fun
personality.  His expressions on his face are
sometimes human!  Tons of fun.  We love him!

All our best…..

Ryan….Kathy…Chase and Dudley
Hi Bonnie,

I've been wanting to send you a new picture of Bella but my
camera has been broken.  I just wanted to tell you how
wonderful she is doing.  She is 7lbs now and has the most
beautiful fluffy coat of hair.  She is just the love of our family,
she is always being cuddled by someone and she actually
likes it!  I've never had a dog that liked to be held and pet and
snuggled so much she is just a little lover.  She is so gentle,
tolerant and patient with the kids and loves people and dogs
and cats.  She is smart as a whip and very loyal, she sticks
right next to us when we're out it public.  Its so nice to have a
dog small enough to take everywhere with you.  She loves to
ride in the car and is very polite and stays in her seat.

I get so many compliments on her and everyone asks what
breed she is.  Several people wanted your information to look
into getting puppies of their own.  I assume its ok to pass on,
do you have litters of the Shih Tzu and Poodle mixes very
often?  How old are they when they are considered full grown.

Anyway, thank you so much again for her she is such a
WONDERFUL addition to our family.

Hi Bonnie,

I writing to let you know how Chewie is doing. He is
fine. I took him to the vet, that went well. He is so
very playful. He has so many people asking about
him and his breed. That is fun. He is lovable, and
he loves people right back. He whines, only when
he wants out of him crate.  He did not whine on his
first day here. We kept him in his crate in our
bedroom. He seemed to adjust better when I was
near him.

He even has people sending him gifts and what
not. My daughter who is away on a mission,
recently published Chewie's face on her
newsletter as "the family's newest addition".
Chewie is very smart. He knows how to sit on
command (treats help). He has been around
various other dogs and shows no fear of them. His
curiousity and inquisitiveness makes me keep a
close eye on him. One of the funniest things I've
seen is Chewie's reaction to toys that make noise.
He barks as if he is going to war. For a dog that is
so small he has a large personality.

Also to let you know some people have been
asking where did get Chewie. I directed them to
your website. I hope that you get more people
wanting your dogs. Chewie is so sweet. My wife
still is happy with him. She really likes going on
walks and taking him out to potty. She even
picked poop. For her to do such things is
surprising. She is  prissy. I'm the one that cleans
the frig of green furry mold. So Chewie gets a 10
as the right kind of dog.

We are still working on potty training. He goes
outside most of the time, and inside some of the
time. What is annoying when you have been out
and you come in and then he goes potty inside. I
just laugh, Chewie looks as if to say "What? I do
something wrong?" The vet told me small breed
dogs take longer to train.  As you can tell we are
having fun together. I can't wait to get home after

Well, Chewie say hi! God Bless and take care.
Remember, "The Earth is the Lord's and the
fullness thereof.

Dear Bonnie,

We got a puppy from you last year
about this time.  She is a Shiffon that
we named "Missou" (you called her
Bootsy).  She is the sweetest, cutest
dog we have ever had.  I would like
to have another one.  She is so
social and loves other dogs and I
think she would like a companion.  
Do you have more from the same
parents?  I have 4 neighbors that
want me to bring one back for them:  
but I don't want to ride in the car for
2 days with a carload of puppies and
don't want to choose a puppy for
someone else.  Jerre
Hi Bonnie!

Finally Raven came to Croatia, and she change
her identity, her name is Dasha now. She already
getting famous, and everyone talk about her. She
is most beautiful girl in the town, and first one who
fall in love with her was me.  I love her, she is just
a doll, very cute and elegant.  I sending u some of
her pictures, what paparazzi shoot us in a little
walk around the town.  I hope u will like it!

Have nice day, and God bless u!

Neven, Max & Dasha
Neven & Dasha
Brussels Griffon
Toni ....aka.... Koukla  (which is the greek word for doll )
is doing great ! She feels like the big dog of the house
as the other 3 are afraid of her :0) She loves her new
home and has the run of the house.... she has gone
potty outside everytime so far (knock on wood) she has
been sleeping in her own little spot until she gets a little
bigger...but she doesnt like that too much. Even with her
fuzzy blankets and new toys she is still lonely....the first
night I was so tired I tried having her in bed, but she was
having too much fun scaring the other dogs off the bed
to sleep.... Hopefully after a few more nights she will be
fine...I am starting to get exhausted :0)
This picture is of her in a baseball hat :0)

Thank you :0) Sure you can put it on your website
:0)   I am also spreading the word of where I got
such a cute little doll.
Hi, Bonnie-

My boyfriend, Jimmy, and I bought a Schnoodle from you a year ago last
March. You named her Coconut (her picture is the last one on your
home page-she’s wrapped up in a blue afghan). I’ve been meaning to
email you for a while and give you an update. As soon as I figure out
how to work my digital camera I’ll email you some new pictures (I’ve
attached some pictures, but they are not recent). She has the sweetest
personality and has grown to be absolutely beautiful.  We get stopped all
the time at the park and on walks by people who tell us how pretty she is.
She loves to be outside and she is very active (she loves to chase
squirrels, birds, and bugs, and go on car rides J). Surprisingly, she is
very tall and slender (most Schnoodles we have seen are short). We
have named her Penny Lane, after the Beatles song. I have never seen
a happier dog, and we take her everywhere. My family begs to watch her
for the weekend, but we can’t seem to be without her more than a few
hours! Penny loves to be held just like a baby (we think she thinks that
she is a human!), and she really loves to cuddle-and warms up to people
very quickly. She was incredibly easy to train, and we don’t think we
could have made a better purchase. Thank you so much for bringing her
into our lives-we don’t know what we would do without her!

I’ll send you some updated pictures soon!


Penny Lane

This is Sebastian.  As you can see from the pics.
he loves his new home and we love him.  He has
become really attached to my daughter and he lets
her carry him around like he is one of her teddy
bears.  My daughter gave Sebastian 2 of her toy
dogs to sleep with so he would not be lonely and
he does cuddle up to those stuffed animals.  One
of the pics. I sent is him sleeping on the toy dog.  I
just wanted you to know that he is doing great.  
Thank You and God Bless

Ms. Bonnie,

I wanted to share some recent pictures I took of
Muggan with my phone.
She is more precious every day, and I love her so
much. Thank you
again for allowing me the opportunity to have her, she
is such a
special part of my life. I can't wait until I can afford
another one.


We got home just fine. She laid on her
blanket on my lap the whole way home.
We took her outside first thing when we
got home. She loves the grass. She
hops like a bunny and rolls all around.
She has barked only three times so far
out of excitement. Cutest little bark! The
boys instantly fell in love with her. She
loves to play with all of us. Right now
she is sound asleep in her crate
snuggled up with her blanket and a
stuffed toy we bought. We love her
already. Thank you so much!

We told the boys about Todd and Myah
and what cuties they are too.    Take
care and thanks again! If we know of
anyone in the market for a puppy you
will be the first we recommend!

Hey Bonnie! Just wanted to send some
updated pics of Zoey and Cezar. They
are both doing wonderfully even though
they both got fixed a week ago Friday.
They weren't too happy that evening but
doing great now! I can't tell you enough
how attached I am to these guys and
they are attached to me as well. We all
love them dearly! Thank you again for
Zoey & Cezar

Brussels Griffon
Hello Bonnie,
Just wanted to let you know
that Chewy has made it
home safely. He had a long
trip yesterday but did very
well, sleeping most of the
ride home.
We took him to the vet this
morning and everything
checked out well. We have
a receipt for the vet that I
can scan and email to you
for verification. They also
said feel free to call them if
you have any questions. I
would rather email it to you,
but if you want we can send
it via snail mail also.
Also we wanted to thank
you very much! We love
Chewy, he is really a great
puppy and will be well cared
Tony was great too!
Thanks again,

Hi Mrs. Bonnie,

Sorry it has been a long time since
I last wrote an update about “Zoe” I
am including a picture of her. She
has been the most wonderful dog I
have ever had.  We have been
talking about maybe adding a boy
Griffon to our family. I will definitely
call you if we decide to do so. I saw
the new babies on your website. I
love “Digger”.  I could grab him up
and hug on him. Everyone asks me
if theBrussel’s are high strung
dogs. Zoe is so balanced. She is
best dog for our family! We all love
her so much. She is spoiled. I will
write soon. Have a blessed day!

Brussels Griffon

I just wanted to let you know how
much we love our Peke-a-Poo that
we got from you back in October! We
named him Oliver! He is the happiest
little guy ever. He loves to play catch
and run around outside. He often
gets so excited that he starts
hopping like a bunny! He is such a
joy and has been such a wonderful
addition to our family. We have a four
year old little girl and she just loves
him. They play really well together!
We will let you know if we ever
decide to add another furry little
friend to our family! Thanks Again,

Thank you again for giving us our wonderful addition. I can say she
is doing great in her new home! She has a “sister” kitty (Ophelia)
that she plays with everyday and a neighbor “sister” puppy (Macy)
that is a Shih-Tzu. She has begun to get the hang of potty training
and LOVES the chewies we get her from her doctor. We are entering
her in a “Cutest Puppy Contest” soon and I will let you know if she
wins! I just wanted to thank you again for letting us take her; I truly
don’t know what we’d do without her!
with our family.

He is very well adjusted & training has
been a breeze. Thank you for
whatever you were doing before we
got him because it has helped!

He's grown so much & has all the
energy in the world. We got our first
sunny day Wednesday, 3/4/09 so the
whole family took a walk & Rico LOVED
exploring the neigborhood. He's the
best family companion ever & I really
want to thank you!

I have several friends who want Cocker
Spaniels as well & they think Rico is
one of the smartest one's they have
ever seen. Please let me know when
you have another litter because I have
at least 2 people interested. I've given
them your website as well.

P.S. - Rico's birthday is on 12/4, by
oldest son's B-Day is on 12/6 & my
youngest son's B-Day is on 3/4... I
think he was meant to be with us :)

Thanks again

Cocker Spaniel
I just wanted to give you an update on Jax
(formerly Kojack) and to let you know he's
doing marvelous and we just absolutely adore
him. I remember reading your website and it
saying he's the "trouble maker" and now that
he's gotten comfortable here we can definitely
see that! He cracks us up. He's mischevious,
rambunctious and very vocal (barker) when he
doesn't like something. He is definitely his own
man lol. He's an absolute pleasure and loved
by all because he's just so adorable. After his
initial check up with the vet, the vet was really
impressed with the overall good health of the
on his coat, and how cute his little bear face
is. My roommate who was totally against
having a puppy has totally converted. Jax is
such a charmer :) I wanted to say thanks
again for my little bundle of rambunctious joy,
and now that I have him he's become
cemented into our family structure. Thanks so
much for an adorable and most of all healthy
baby dog! I attached a few pictures of him to
show you he's getting along just fine.

ps .. he's so hilarious one of the new little
things he he's started to do is stand on his
back legs and jump up and down, so when he
does this i grab his front paws and he shuffles
his feet left to right so it looks likes we're
dancing .. its so cute



I just want to let you know that Spooner has made it home.  
We decided to change his name to Meeko after the
raccoon in Pocahontas. He is an absolute gem and just
dogs (which are both 20 lb dogs) very well. Good news too
is he has run to the door anytime he has needed to go to
the bathroom.  We just want to thank you again so much.
Me and Carl couldn't be any happier with the dog we
chose. We also attached a picture so you can see how
sleepy he is.
One last thing we went to the vet already today and he is
in great shape he said.  Im not sure if you want a reciept
from the vet or if you need a vet check up sheet.  Just let
us know.

Hi Bonnie,I just opened up their puppy records
and had to email you...those are the cutest
puppy records I have ever seen! :-) The
puppies are doing great...they seem to have
already adjusted. I wanted to tell you what
loving puppies they already are and to thank
you for taking such great care of them!

Hey Ms. Bonnie,

Muggan wanted me to show you her favorite toy "Wheel"   It's
the only one that she can get a good grip on so she loves for
me to try and pull it out of her mouth.  Have a great day and
relaxing weekend.  I can't wait to see Muggan's momma's new
litter.  Who knows, I may get one for my 30th birthday coming up
on Sept. 4th. :o)  


abby and muggan
Trixie                                      Monkey
Mini Schnauzer                    Brussels Griffon
Hi Bonnie.  Just to let you know that Maggie
(Beth) weighs 5 lbs and Sadie (Mary) is at
4.4   They are very happy little girls-I so
enjoy their company.  Donna
Sadie             Maggie
Shiffon puppies
Bonnie, thank you soooo
much for little herbie, he
is doing very well, and we
love him lots!!!!! He is very
spoiled.  Thank You again,
Rocco, and Kelly
Shiffon baby

Brussels Griffon
Bonnie he is the most
delightful dog we have ever
had. He is so cute and kind. I
don't think there is a mean
bone in his body. He is a
little confused about outside
and inside, but we are
working on that. He thinks it
is play outside and poop
inside, but I am sure it will be
OK eventually. We love him
so much--he is the best ever.

Hi bonnie
Just wanted to let you know
that everything went great.
We couldn't ask for a more
loving puppy. He is the cutest
little puppy ever. He just
loves the kids.. He is eating
and drinking so well already.  
Also when is your next liter
due? My sister is interested?
Who would be the parents of
this liter?

Brussels Griffon
Hi Bonnie,

We bought Chigger from you almost a year
ago.  Just wanted to share a couple of
pictures with you. He's a very spoiled puppy.  
He'll be 1 year in September.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I've attached a
picture of him in the bath tub...he loves water
and playing in bubbles.

Kristen & Steve


Bonnie, Just wanted to let you know how much we are
enjoying Emily our brussels griffon girl.  She is just the best
little puppy.  She gets along with all the other animals and
just really enjoys everyone that has come to see her.  They
all comment on what a wonderful temperment she has!!
She acts like she has known us forever.  She was so well
adjusted and socialized when she arrived.  She is
housebreaking very easily.  She went to the vet on
Thursday and had another puppy shot.  The vet just loved
her also.  You did such a wonderful job with her.  I just
wanted to thank you again.  Carrie
I love her stripe. I told Abby about it and she said
the same. She's
taking her bathroom command, "Olivia business!"
Very well, she dosn't
like her collar too much, but getting use to it. She's
very smart and
watches my every move. And she's pretty good at
fetch already. Right now
she's in my lap chewing my pocket. I'll send more
pictures soon. Right
now she moves a lot, but she's settling right in. I
sent the pictures to
my brother. I hope he chooses to add a new family
member too.
Olivia &
Brussels Griffon
Hi Bonnie,

I just wanted to email you to let you know
how Gus (aka Danny the Pugapoo) is

He has grown so much since he arrived
in September, he is tipping the scales at
9 lbs these days. He has had all of his
shots and is in excellent health. He is so
smart and has such a huge personality.
He is definitely a comedian. He can
already sit, stay, lay down, give paw, and
come. We are currently working on heel,
but that's a little tricky. Overall he was
fairly easy to house break, slow a steady
won the race. Right now we are working
on some of his "bad habits", but how can
you help but laugh when he is dragging a
shoe twice his size across the room?

Mike, myself, and both of our families just
wanted to say thank you. We are
absolutely in love with this little guy. He is
truly a member of our big family.
Wherever we go everyone always asks
"Are you bringing Gus?" You were
wonderful during the whole process, and
I have recommended your services to
many of my friends. It is truly refreshing
to see such a caring and thoughtful

Thank you again for everything, attached
please find a picture of Gus we took for
the holidays.

Happy Holidays!

Erin and Mike
Hi Bonnie,
Just thought I would send you this photo of Bubba with Santa. He is doing
excellent and is the best thing to happen to me in many, many years! I love this
little guy soooo much.
If I ever want another little man like Bubba in the future,,,you will hear from me

Thank you for bringing such happiness into my life through Bubba.

Branson, Mo.

Brussels Griffon
sacramento california, My family just
wanted to thank you and give you an
update on Freddy.
Ever since we picked Freddy up from
the airport he's been attach to us from
day one, he loves going on family trips
with us camping, fishing,and etc. We
are so greatful to you for blessing us
with such a perfect addition to our
family. I can tell you provided him
exellent begaining to life, we've
spoiled him but he's so caring and
smart it amazes me! It's like he
understand exactly what were saying
to him. Huge personality. So again we
thank you, and  hope you like the