Testimonials  3
Hey there!

Just wanted to send you some
pictures of Dori, the mini
schnauzer we picked from
those three girls you had in
May.  She is WONDERFUL.  She
is so loving, smart, and totally
adorable.  She was potty trained
almost immediately, loves her
kennel at night, and never
chews on anything she isnt
supposed to.  

She is growing very fast and is
very healthy.  The groomers
even say she has a very special
personality!  She loves our older
dog and tries to snuggle with
her all the time.

Thanks for providing us with
such a great puppy!

Hi Bonnie,

Just thought I would send some
updated pics of Chloe (Mia).  We
got her from you back in Dec.  
She is a happy girl!


Thank You...                                                                     Max

Hi Bonnie:

We want to thank you for raising such a sweet gentle baby
boy we named Maxwell Winston (Max) when we selected him
from the pictures you took of the Shiffon puppies.  We were
not sure we picked the right puppy for us, but after talking
with you about their personalities, getting updates on the
puppies growth and reviewing your fantastic web sites we
made a decision.   Seeing not only Max but his litter mates
and parents gave us a much better idea of what to expect
when he becomes an adult.  I've had many dogs in my
lifetime and Max is one of the best puppy's I've had the
honor of having in my life.  Watching his litter grow over the
short time you raised them made us feel right about
selecting you as the breeder.
When we picked up Max, we were one the road visiting
family (both humans & dogs) for a week before arriving
home.  He did so well in both the hotel and other family
members homes.  He played well with other dogs, did
extremely well in the car and loved being held by all the
family.  He had been socialized with other dogs and people
so well that most of our family wanted to keep him.  He would
whimper when it was time for him to do his business and
loves being coddled.  
being less than three months old.  Max was given a good
health report by two different Vets.  We took him to the Vets
in St. Louis where he weighted 4.6 lbs. and a week later he
weighted 5.2 lbs.  He is a good eater as you can see from
Now that we are home, puppy training is going well for only
your picture with his litter mates.  He is learning to play with
toys, which is good since we have so many for him.  He even
has a girl friend, Callie (shown below).  
We will send up dates, so you'll be able to see how happy
Max is in his new home.  Thank you again... Susan & Dennis
perfect Griffie.  I have had (and do
and I am soooo glad I found you
and him.  His coat is coarse, colour
is beautiful and he is the
traditional griff that all my art from
the turn of the century and into the
50's portrays.  He has those
gorgeous long legs and perfectly
muscled body, a face to die for and
perfect Griffie.  I have had (and do
kisses, kisses and more kisses.  
We are both completely in love We
are both completely in love with
him........ and he also seems to love
reborn edition of my first out a
picture  to send you.  Both of her
parents were Champions imported
from England.

I also want to thank you so much
for driving all that distance to
deliver Yogi to Andy.  It was
extremely kind and we appreciate
your time and effort.  He really was
meant to be mine and you made it
possible.  If you have a litter from
unrelated (or distantly related) to
Yogi please let me know.  I would
love to have a girl.   And if you
ever need references etc. it would
be my pleasure.

Lynne        Yogi
Hi Bonnie!
Jagger has become a little
superstar around the house. He's
so full of love and energy! I
honestly couldn't have asked for a
better pup. He already is catching
on to using the bathroom outside.
Every once in a while he has an
accident inside. But for the most
part, he asks to be let out. What a
smarty pants!

Thank you soooo much for such a sweet
Houdini this morning when she did her
escape act from the playpen...to MLE
(pronounced Emily) short for My Little
Ewok...truth is Bonnie we can't stick with a
name more than 24 hours....she is so
funny and full of character.  Owning my
Salon, you will get LOTS of referrals so
better start breeding more Shiffons!  Will
be happy to forward the recipe for the
cookies...to come...MLE needs to go
out...will get it to you very soon...THANK
We love her so!
Cynthia              MLE
I am in love, what a doll.  You did a
great job in raising her.  It was so
nice to meet you today, wish the
weather would have been better!  
back alot more fun. We stopped
every couple of hours to let her
run around and she gathered more
people around than any other dog
I know.  She was so friendly with
everyone.  Thank you again and
may God bless you.  :)

Leroy is doing great!  We love him
even though he's quite the handful.  
He chews everything!  So he has a
basket of things he can chew, and I
Potty training is working pretty well
as long as my son keeps his door
shut.  It's the only room in the house
that's carpet and he apparently likes
to poop on carpet lol.  He got a taste
of his first snow this
morning..literally.  He eats it like a
snow plow.  I've attached a few
pictures for you to see how he's
doing.  We just love him!  He went to
the vet the day after we got him with
a clean bill of health.  I'll be sending
you the receipt for your records as
soon as I can.  He fits in just fine!  
Thanks again!

Mini Schnauzer
Hi Bonnie,
I just wanted to send you a picture
of my Shiffon girl I got from you
last January 2011.  Not sure if you
remember her, you had named her
Thank you again for this sweet
little girl. She is just the sweetest
dog. I have only heard her bark
one time since I've had her!  
Everyone that see's her loves her!  
I always let them know where I got
her. I will be looking forward to
purchasing another sweet Shiffon
from you in the future.

Charlie is doing well. We kept his
name. He seemed to like it. He is
He adores us as much as we adore
him and we couldn't be happier. he
is doing awesome. A true baby and
mama's boy.


3 years ago. Her name is Boo and she
to death. She has such a distinct
personality. My wife and I are thinking
of getting another one and was
wondering when the next litter may
be??? From the looks of your website,
it seems Boo's parents just had a litter
so I'm assuming it will be a while. If you
give me your email address, I'll send
you a picture of Boo. Thanks and have
a great day.


send you the vet record!!! Odie is
doing GREAT, he is pretty much
potty trained and the crate is a life
saver. He loves his brother and is
adjusting very well. He is very very
loved. I will send the vet papers
today!! Thank you again for another
perfect addition to my little family.



Hi Bonnie,

We picked up Louie and he is
adorable!  He was a little nervous to
come out of the cage at first but once
we coaxed him out he was very
snuggly.  He drank and ate right away.

Rose             Louie
Good Morning Bonnie !

Miss Maggie is 3 months old  - and she is a
wonderful addition to our family.

I am attaching two pictures of her - she still is
camera shy but as you can see - she is beautiful !!

It was very obvious from the moment we first saw
and held her that her life began with a loving

She is so affectionate, spunky, and outgoing. It is a
joy to be around her.

Her brothers Sam and Jackson like to play soccer
with her - she is the ball :)

Her house manners are still a work in progress.

She has mastered the UP part of the stairs but the
DOWN part still gives her pause.

Thank you again for Miss Maggie Mae.

Miss Maggie Mae
Hi Bonnie,

Just wanted to let you know that Gus is doing wonderfully!  
Getting him was one of the best decisions I've ever made!
He is such a happy and funny little guy so full of love.  
Everywhere we go people comment on how cute he is ...
that just goes without saying!  We're taking puppy classes.  
Gus is the youngest in the class, but I think the smartest!  
He catches on really fast and enjoys interacting with the
other dogs.  We have a schedule that we adhere to during
the week, but aren't as stringest on the weekend.  He's
adjusted really well.  During the week we go for a walk at
6:30 before I leave for work and then again in the evenings
around 7:00.  He's very social and loves the walks.  All I have
to do is say "walk" and he gets his leash!  Pretty smart if you
ask me!  He's made friends with a lady up the street who
plays with him and has treats for him.  He always goes to her
door when we're on our walks and gets disappointed when
Cecil isn't there.

I love this little guy sooooooo much!  He'a a lot of company
and has brought so much happiness into my life.  He now
weighs 8.3 pounds and his vet said he is a very healthy little
puppy. He loves having his belly rubbed and will lay for
15-20 minutes while I rub it.  This has turned into one of my
favorite things to do!

Take care and thank you again so very much.

Debbie                                                  Gus
We are loving him! He's walking on
his back legs so we say he could
be a circus dog!! LoL!
He gets neutered and hernia fixed
next Friday!!!
Thanx again for an awesome
puppy! :)
Rusty, Kandi & Family

Dear Bonnie & Family,
Tally the Doxiepoo we purchased from you is a my
life, after loosing my wife 17 months ago, I really
needed her (Tally) for a
wonderful companion in my life.  I am so happy
with dealing with you for my
puppy.  She is very active, playful, friendly, and
has a disposition better than
any dog I have ever been around.  A little finicky
about eating yet, but she is
only a few days past her being 9 weeks old. The
vet I took her too here for
the check up said everything you had done for her
in regard to her worming,
vaccination shots and paper work, & her lifetime
chip put in, you sent with her was wonderful.
I can't express how delighted I am with you, and
your family for this great
puppy, I will take really good care for her, and on
the January 23, will have
her third set of shots done.
Thank You from myself and Tally for her new home.
Cornville, AZ
Ed                             Tally
Hi Bonnie !

Today is Miss Maggie Mae’s 1st
Birthday !
We wanted to let you know what a
treasure she is.
She is spoiled ROTTEN and spends
her days either on someone’s lap,
making sure all the toys are out
(never back in) of the toy box, or
tormenting her brothers Jackson
and Sam.
The months have flown by and
watching her grow from a clumsy
puppy to a semi-mature young
lady has been awesome.
I have attached her recent photo.
Thank you again for a wonderful

We just wanted to send you a one year
picture of Wally. He is the most popular dog
ever. He knows lots of tricks and loves to
play with his best friend "Lexi" a white
lab...they look funny next to each other.
Hope you are doing well. Thank you for the
smartest, sweetest pup! He is very happy
and spoiled!

I bought a dog from you several years ago and just wanted
to give you some pictures of her today!  I can't remember
what her name was but her name is Abby now.  She's a
spunky rotten little thing.  When we got her, she was a
"surprise" because my husband did not know I got a dog!!  I
was crate training her and couldn't stand her being in her
crate alone all night so I had brought her into the bed with
me and my husband said "that dog is NOT sleeping in the
bed with us", they are snuggle buddies now.  Every time I
take her somwhere, people always tell me how cute she is.  
She has had excellent health and hopefully she will be
healthy for many many years.  :)

Abby      Brussels Griffon
Dear Sister Bonnie Fite,

Attached is a recent picture of
Zoey.  We are so grateful for the
supplies.  Zoey is healthy and very
smart.  I almost had to force the vet
to give her back to me when I took
her for her appointment.  They
wanted to keep her for themselves
because she is sooooo loving and
cute.  LOL.

We hope to buy a male Brussels
from you as soon as you have one
that can match Zoey's needs.

God bless you,
Pastor Paul
--                                        Picture
Pastor Paul Hicks
Hi Bonnie,
update. Last night I was rushed Little
Bit was so happy and friendly when we
picked her up. She was giving us lots
of kisses and cuddles. My two boys,
husband and I loved her immediately!
Her big sister, Nora(5yr old boston
terrier) is already teaching her how to
go potty outside and they are getting
along great. She slept great in her
crate last night and ate a bowl of food
this morning. She seems to be
adjusting already. We are all thrilled.
Thanks again,

Benji) from you Feb 2nd. He is 6
months old now and the best little
We bought Scooter (now named
guy we could have ever asked for.
Thank you so much for making
everything so easy. We are so
happy with him and he's as happy
and healthy as can be.

Thanks Mrs Bonnie. He arrived
inquiries. My wife loves him. She
started crying. My son adores him
and he loves our cat. Thank you
once again. .
May God bless you and your family. .
Brown Eyezs

Hey Bonnie, Want you to know that
out playing fetch, smiles and loves
to help carry her leash. I'm in the
middle of a divorce so the timing
for Leya is perfect. I can't tell you
enough how happy and in love
with Leya I am. Again, thank you.

Bonnie, Wanted to let you know
how much we love our little guy.
He is also liked by everyone in the
Gomer has been the easiest pet I
have ever trained. He rings the
bell if he wants to go out. He also
knows the names of all of his toys.
He wanted to let you know he
would like a sister. Ed and I will
stay in touch. Thank you for a great
addition to our family.

Hi Bonnie,
Our little Pepper just had her first
haircut so we thought we would send a
picture and let you know that she was
doing great in her new home here in
Brooklyn!  I take her to work with me
several days a week and everyone just
loves her!  Since I work in a photo
studio, she gets to hang out and have
her picture taken often, and with
beautiful models but I think she is still
the cutest one in the pic, haha!  All of
her vet checkups have gone quite well
and we are currently in Puppy
Kindergarten, learning some basic
obedience.  We are so happy with her,
thank you again!
Hope all is well with you and your
Jim, Jeremy and Pepper

you sooner but things were crazy this
weekend with Mother's Day. She was just
perfect. She has already gotten used to her
crate and goes there when she gets tired.
She knows her name already. She'll run from
the back of the house to me when I call her. I
love her so much! Thanks so much for

God bless!               Penny   Shiffon
Hi Bonnie,
Happy New Year!  I hope you and
your family had a happy holiday
and are doing well.

Today is our little Pepper's 1st
birthday so I thought it would be a
good time to let you know how
great she is doing and how much
we love her!  She has already
travelled with us to 10 different
states and is always such a good
girl who makes friend with every
person and dog she meets - a total
sweetie who has brought such joy
to Jeremy and me in the short time
we have had her.  Thank you again
for raising such a great dog!  Here
are a few pictures of her on some
of our adventures together over
the past few months.

Take care and we wish you and
yours a wonderful new year ahead!
xx-Jim, Jeremy and Pepper
My parents Hal and Theresa  got
an older puppy from y'all almost 3
years ago. She was a female
shiffon named Boo. We renamed
her Sadie. I can't even begin to
explain to you what Sadie means to
my parents and to my family. She is
literally the sweetest dog they
have ever had and never meets a
stranger. Everyone LOVES HER!!!
Recently my parents lost the other
pet in their home a cat Fraiser, to
cancer and Sadie misses him.  So, I
am writing to see if you have any
other dogs that need a home. It
doesn't necessarily have to be a
puppy if you have any older dog
that needs a retirement home. We
are open to that. Also we aren't
looking to breed at all. Sadie was
spayed the minute she was old
enough. My mom doesn't play
about that stuff. We really just want
another sweet dog to add to the
family and be a companion for
Sadie. Thanks!!