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Hello Miss Bonnie,
I just wanted to update you on Mercy. She is doing
great! She's spoiled rotten, follows me everywhere,
lays on my feet, likes to lay up on my chest, plays
with her rope, chews her "wubba" and chewies. She
is getting used to the leash and collar and I was
surprised it only took two days until she has started
to go and sit by the back door to go out and potty.
She sleeps in a medium sized crate I have for her
and she barks and whimpers a little about that, but
she will get used to that in time. I will be taking her
to the vet next week for shots and such. I only had
to give her a little honey twice, other than that she's
fine. i carry her with me a great deal and she does
like to ride now. :)I'll check in every now and then
just for updates and some photos. Take care and
bless you.

Respectfully,Phyllis                                  Mercy
Hello Bonnie,

Buster arrived safely and has adjusted to his new home exceptionately
well.  The kids just love him.  I recently took Buster to see a Vet on
Monday morning.  The examination went great.  The Dr. said that he is
in great health.  Gave him an A++ for his exam.  We have another
appointment scheduled for May 10th to keep his immunizations

Thanks for everything.                        Buster
Have a great day, Richard                 Pugapoo
Hello Bonnie. Sebastian arrived on time! He
and Bella played right away and he was so
tired he slept till 4:35am! I thought he'd wake
up more. He learns SO fast. Already knows
where to pee and poo outside. He loves his
crate already and him and Bella play lots,
then take naps :)
Thank you for two wonderful and loving
puppies! They make my house a home. I will
send you/post more pictures of them soon.

Hi Bonnie,

Hope you are doing well.  I saw the new Brussels on your site
and think Scarlett is adorable!  It made me think to show you
some new pictures of Woodie, who previously was Roddy.  He
is the best puppy and soul mate pet.  I do not know what I
would do without him.  It's funny, wherever we go he gets all
the attention and ooo's and ahhh's.  Recently I was
approached by a lady who told me that he is the cutest dog in
my entire apartment complex, and I'll tell you this place is
huge.  Everyone who crosses his path cannot help but smile,
at the least.  I love him so much.  I have included some
pictures and I hope that they bring a smile to your face.

Thank you for such a wonderful little guy that I now have in my
life :)

Sincerely,                  Woodie
Brussels Griffon

Hi Bonnie,
I apologize because I was going to email you last night but
then it was really late and we left early this morning to take
Sunny to the Vet and then we had a matinee show. Anyway,
she's SOooo cute!!!! And we LOVE her more than, even, I
could have imagined. Thank you so much for taking care of
her. She goes on the weewee pads, too. She's like a dream.
She's got the sweetest personality and I didn't expect that
she would be so loving right away:) Her flight was delayed
over an hour. As soon as we got her in the car, (she was
exhausted, I guess) she fell asleep in my arms:) Lauren got
to meet her today and was so happy. Anyway, I'll send you
some pictures. We promise to take the best care of her.
She's a little treasure. We named her Tehya. It's a native
American name that means "precious". Thanks, again and
-Sarah                          Tehya

Hi Bonnie-

Zoey made it to Michigan safely!  We just
got back from the vet and they said
everything looks good. I'll get the contract
and vet form in the mail tomorrow. Zoey is
great!.  We've gotten her to go to the
bathroom outside a few times, she's eating
and drinking good, and everyone just
thinks she's the cutest puppy around
(because she is!).  She's also very playful.

Hi Bonnie:

Here are a few more pictures of Zoey (the
one in the yard was taken today - we just
took her to the groomers yesterday and
she got an A!).  Feel free to use them on
your testimonial page and the message I
wrote below.

Zoey is a great fit for our family!  She has a
great personality and is our little tomboy -
we just love her.  She gets along well with
other people and always wants to play with
everyone she meets.  She sleeps through
the night so that is great too!  

I'll keep in touch with photos!



Hi Bonnie, wanted to let you know that Daisy
is doing great! We were going to name her
Zoey, but my family changed mind!  She is a
little doll.  Bella is doing great with her.  She
is getting lots of love so she shouldn't be
jealous!  I call them "The Girls".  They stay
together all the time.  Daisy has done very
well in the kennel.  Sleeps all night and cried
for 20 minutes the first 2 nights!  I was
impressed!  She has had 0 accidents in the
house.  We are getting the routine down
well.  I took her to the Vet the very next day
and she is very healthy and the vet said
(like you) not to worry about hernia unless it
gets bigger or bothers her.  
You are so good getting these puppies
socialized.  Daisy is so well behaved.  Loves
our big dog Rosie.  Thinks she can suckle.  
Rosie was not impressed!!! haha But
managed to be nice.  Our cat Princess even
was so very nice to Daisy.  I think the older
pets are like, " oh no, not another one!" ha
Thanks again for working with us.  I will
always recommend you Bonnie.  God Bless.


Hi Bonnie,
Just wanted to give you a quick update on our little Pickles!  
She is now 7 months old, and such an amazing dog.  She loves
any and everyone, and is so relaxed in every situation, it is
great!  She met her half sister Tehya the other day and they
loved each other immediately and played for hours!  The shiffon
breed seems to be a winner!  Im trying to convince John to let
us get another puppy!!  We don't know what we did before we
had her.  I hope all is well with you and the puppies and we will
talk again soon.  


Hi Bonnie!

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know
that today is Gus' (aka Danny the pugapoo) first birthday!
This year has gone by so quickly and we are so in love
with this pup! He has truly turned our entire family in to
dog lovers! Please find a few pictures of Gus attached.
We could not resist throwing him a party!

On a side note, I wanted to ask you about your pugapoo
Ellie on your website. She seems like such a sweet little
girl. How much is she? Let me know!

Very Truly Yours,

Erin and Mike
Hi Bonnie,

We are the people who purchased Beetle
back in March. What a joy he has been.  We
have named him Gilbert.  We own a tire store
and he comes to work with us almost
everday.  Our customers love him.  He loves
laying by me in the office. I have to admit he is
quite the mama's boy!!  He goes everywhere
with us. He loves riding in the car and sticking
his head out the window!! My father in law is
in a nursing home and we take him to visit
and the people there just love him.  He has
quite the reputation.  Just wanted you to
know that he is loved and can't imagine life
without this loving addition to our family. I
have attached a picture with his summer



Hi Bonnie,

Just wanted to send you a few pictures of
Wicker with his new family.  He is such a
sweetheart!  So, so easy to love!  We are
all really enjoying him!  You obviously do a
really good job with your dogs, and I am so
thankful to you for it!


Dear Bonnie

I would like to thank you for a wonderful
puppy. His new name is Max, we love
him so much. It was nothing but pleasure
dealing with you.

Thank you       Max
Dina                Cockapoo
Hi Bonnie

Im not sure if you remember me or not but I had adopted a
renamed him carter quite some time ago. I was curious to
know if you had any more older adult cocker spaniels
similar to him or any cocker puppies available. I had a
friend in need that needed a service dog and I just had
carter specially trained for it to assist her and she has to
assist her and they are inseparable. I really would like to
have another to have as a companion for myself. Carter is
very happy in the job that he is doing now and my friend is
doing so much better now that she has him to assist her
and everything seems to be going great for them. Hes was
an excellent dog and I miss him a lot so I thought I would
email to see what you may have available. If you may have
anything, please let me know. I would gladly consider
buying another dog from you.
bonnie f-
he is absolutely the most amazing
dog EVER. we are out of our minds
crazy in love with him. thanks for
our baby :)"



Thank you so much for this beautiful
puppy! You've been prompt and
professional with the delivery, and you've
made this process very pleasant and
easy. When we picked her up we were
ecstatic! Her eyes really did Twinkle. The
using it as a kennel until she gets a little
bigger. (of course we're keeping it clean)
We're already spoiling her with lots of toys
which she LOVES. We've been so busy
with our jobs and taking care of Nina that I
only got to write to you today!

We decided to name her Nina. Since
we're spanish, we wanted to give her the
name Nina which means little girl. She's
still learning how to respond to her name,
however she's very very smart and it's
already evident. We've trained her to do
her essentials outside and so far so good
with few accidents in between. We even
got her a strap with bells that hangs from
the door to get her used to the sound of
bells when the door opens. I read that she
can learn to ring them herself whenever
she needs to go outside, and she did it
the other day! She's very good with people
and she's going to have a new best friend
Mini Schnauzer that my best friend and
neighbor owns. He's been helping us a lot
with getting settled in with the puppy.

I have a question though, when do we give
her the next round of shots? I already have
a vet that my friend is seeing that he says
is very good. I can't wait until she finishes
all her shots so we can take her outside to
meet other dogs in the neighborhood.

I will definitely refer you to other people
whom I trust and may be looking for a dog
in the future.


Roger Q.

Mini Schnauzer