I have a new litter of Broodle Griffons (Brussels Griffon mom and
Poodle dad).  She has 2 girls and 4 boys that where born June 9,
2018.  I will
take more pictures as they get older.

$350.00 each

The Broodle Griffon is a smart
and well behaved small dog, they
are loyal and even tempered and
very affectionate. They are a
cheerful presence in the home,
quite playful sometimes but also
loves to curl up on your lap and be
adored. They are quite social so
enjoy company more than being
left alone. They are happiest when
with their owner getting lots of
attention and doing anything they
can to please you.

They are good with children, other
dogs and pets, loves to play and
is affectionate with them too.
Socialization and early training
helps with this. Since this is such a
small dog make sure any children
know to be careful with them, and
that rough play could hurt her